Pilates classes

What to expect:


Pilates is based on a set of principles which are applied to a wide range of mat and equipment exercises. It works by adjusting the intensity of each exercise through the use of differing levers (various limb movements) and resistance (using the equipment). This is also combined with breathing control, giving you a system of exercises which are intended to strengthen the both the body and mind.


In classes Lucy calls to your awareness of deep postural and stability muscles, breathing sequence and postural correction. This will give you improved suppleness and flexibility at the same time as it relaxes you.


Some details:

  • Open to all ages and abilities
  • Lessons are just under an hour long
  • Wear comfy clothes in layers that you can remove/add. Lucy also suggests wearing socks
  • Within each class exercises are tailored to each individual
  • Equipment can be borrowed in first couple of sessions, otherwise can be bought through Lucy
  • Call to book
  • Click here for prices


Regular classes:


  • Cuckfield
    • Mondays 9.30am - mixed
    • Mondays 10.35am - level 1
  • Handcross
    • Wednesdays 9.35am - mixed / level 1
  • Staplefield
    • Fridays 9.30am - mixed
    • Fridays 10.35am - level 1

Please download and open the schedule below for specific dates and times:

Summer Calendar 2022
calendar summer 2022.xlsx
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Classes are held in

Visit our classes page for more information on what to expect from a class

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